DIY Cardboard Door Signs

Finally I’ve had time to do a bit of craft with Jacob – or more like incredibly easy DIY projects because I am not incredibly artistic. In fact, I’m good at creating messy, clunky things – hence why Jacob loves making art with me!

We had a dilemma to solve. Daniel and I were constantly confusing Jacob’s and Jared’s towels, mainly because of the frequency of us changing towels for them. One poos on a towel, the other makes his towel completely muddy, etc. We try to put them in the same spot at all times but it doesn’t always happen. Anyway, I decided that I would make name labels for Jacob and Jared and put them up behind the bathroom door to make this process easier.

Hence I employed the assistance of my crafty boys! One loves painting and the other just loves peeking at what we’re doing (though in truth, he was actually just tipping over sideways as I took the photo)!

We cut out two little pieces of cardboard (from a pizza box actually!) and decided to do some painting. For some silly reason, I only had fabric paint at home and was unwilling to lug both boys to the shops to buy paint, so we stripped down to bare minimum to paint the cardboard. I certainly recommend poster paints that can wash out from clothing because it was an absolute struggle to clean up, especially since Jacob dripped paint on our white tiles (EEK!). Just FYI, Vanish works really well for getting these stains out of tiles! It was just a bit of fun really – Jacob was more keen on painting himself in truth!


This is the finished product of the painting. Yes, it doesn’t look like much. Did I mention I was good at clunky, messy craft?


Earlier this year, my husband’s grandpa turned 90 and we made a memory jar for him. I bought rustic-looking lettering stickers to decorate the jar. I checked and luckily, we had enough letters for JACOB and JARED. And voila, the finished product below, which we stuck on the back of the bathroom door with Blu Tack! Now we won’t get their towels mixed up again (unless we put them in the wrong spot, of course), and Jacob is absolutely proud that we’ve actually used his artwork for something functional!

Also, another thing I thought was worth a mention is Jacob’s ingenuity in creating a drink that will become a new go-to in this house. I’m not sure if you noticed in the picture further above (the one with the stickers), but there is a box of these absolutely AMAZING cookies that we buy from Coles that are like 40% chocolate chip! That’s like nearly as much chocolate as it is cookie! They also crumble in the most fluffy of ways and melt in your mouth when dipped in milk!

So, anyway, Jacob had been pretty good at mealtime so we gave him one cookie with his warm milk (which he drinks from a sippy cup). Jacob removes the sippy cup lid, puts the cookie in, replaces the lid and gives it a shake. Then he proceeds to drink it and realises he has made the most amazing cookies milkshake hot chocolate concoction! Delicious! I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of him drinking it, but I did get this shot of him having an ice cream yesterday (and lovin’ it!)

ice cream

Hope you all have a scrumptious week ahead!

Costumes and other crises…

Another busy weekend… sometimes I feel that weekends should be commitment free, but then I think I’d feel terribly bored and unproductive.

Anyway, this weekend was spent painting the youth room at our little countryside church – the walls have been lime green for longer than I’ve been alive, so we decided we’d give it a fresh coat of neutral cream paint (hey, anything’s better than lime green!).

I didn’t manage to take a picture, more so because I wasn’t allowed into the room much – paint fumes can be harmful to an unborn baby. I still would like some involvement in painting our baby’s room though – we’ve decided on cream with a green feature wall.

I’m also shopping around on Ebay for some baby wall decor. I do like these ones quite a bit:



I just really love green, don’t I? Anyway, I’ll definitely take a good picture of the baby’s nursery once my husband and I have figured out what to do with it.

Anyway, my crisis of the week is to get a costume together for my brother-in-law’s party. He’s having a Star Wars themed party and I have the following issues:

1. I’ve never actually watched Star Wars before, at least not all the way through. I know who R2D2 is and I’ve heard of Jedis but that’s about it.

2. There aren’t that many female characters in Star Wars – I envision there’ll be like 10 Princess Leah’s at the party.

3. I’m not going to fit (well) into any of the costumes I buy/rent because of this baby bump.

I’ve learned that there is indeed a pregnant character, Padmé Amidala, so this could be my chance at not looking too out of character. I really love this costume but I doubt I’ll be able to find one, and I’m hopeless at making costumes:


However, I do have some things I could put together to make this costume (without showing my belly, of course).


I hope that’s not being overly ambitious here – my legs will never look like Natalie Portman’s, though I have a post-pregnancy plan…

Anyway, I promise that my next post will be more mentally stimulating. I apologise but I’m practically brain-dead now and probably require a lot more sleep.

Just to prove to you that I do have the ability to write, I just wanted to share the JOM Magazine’s latest issue:

My articles in particular are on pages 50, 56 and 57 of the magazine, and they’re generally about homemaking 101. I honestly don’t know if I’m the right person to give that sort of advice at the moment – I can’t find my sole pair of maternity work pants because it’s buried somewhere under the unfolded sheets, spare bedding and the Christmas tree.

Finally, before I go, I rediscovered the joys of having a bath! I thought that pregnant women weren’t allowed to have baths, but apparently it’s just hot spas and saunas we should avoid because they’re simply too hot. Warm baths are okay…


Correction, warm baths are divine (especially with a bath bomb)…

Have a great week everybody!