Babies, babies, babies…

I grew up an only child. My father was the youngest in his family hence I was one of the “younger” cousins. My parents had me 10 years after they were married, hence I was also one of the “younger” ones among their friends’ kids.

As a result, I didn’t have very much exposure to babies. I didn’t know what babies liked or what they involved. For that matter, I didn’t know what little kids liked, because I didn’t actually remember what it was like when I was a little kid myself. The truth is, I was probably scared of kids because they made so much noise and just ran around. And I was even more scared of babies because they seemed so tiny and fragile, and I was so sure I’d drop them and they’d break into pieces.

The first newborn baby I ever carried was my niece, Esther, and I thought she was the tiniest thing I had ever seen! I was so afraid I’d crush her when I carried her, but she survived my little cuddle and she didn’t cry. She was probably thinking:


Okay, I admit I did take care of ONE baby in my life (whom I found out later was actually considered a toddler, not a baby). He was my second cousin and was half Malaysian, half American and he was ADORABLE! I think I played with him for a bit when he was little, but I myself was only about 10 years old and honestly I can’t remember how I did it.

Anyway, when I first found out I was expecting, one of my first thoughts was “Oh no, what am I going to do with my baby? I know nothing about babies!”. Other thoughts included “Soooo exciting and happy!” and “What am I going to tell my boss?” (I’d just started a new job). I was happy being pregnant, but I was also a bit detached and unsure of what to expect.

Would I know how to take care of my baby? Would I even like my baby (and would he like me back)? What would I do with him and how would I bring him up to be a good person?

When Jacob was born, he was perfect. I just looked at him and knew that I loved him. As he lay in his little bed beside me, I just watched him sleep, with his little gentle breaths, his chest heaving up and down. He was the most gorgeous baby I had ever seen.

And that’s where it began… my love of babies. It didn’t help that quite a few people I knew (my sister-in-law, close friends, acquaintances) were expecting babies too. While I’m usually happy to go to church in the first place, I’m now even more excited to go to see their babies!

ImageI’m really comfortable with babies now, even newborns (as I still remember what Jacob was like when he was that tiny)! But I’m still working out how to deal with toddlers and older kids – so please bear with me! I think I’ll probably learn first hand from Jacob, and soon will be an expert. 🙂

Speaking of babies, I’ve entered my little one into yet another contest! I reckon that’s the main reason I go to the annual Pregnancy & Baby Expo here in Adelaide – to join contests!

Anyway, this is Jacob’s photo – please click on the link and like it (and proud mummy will be more than happy!)

Enjoy the weekend folks! 🙂 Babies, babies, babies for me tomorrow.



Liebster Awards!


To tell the truth, I’d never heard about Liebster awards before, hence why I was so excited to be given one! 🙂 I remember back in the day when we’d have to pass along questionnaire-type links via email or on Friendster (even before Facebook!) so this brings back memories. 

The Liebster Award is a blogger award given by bloggers to bloggers in order to broaden the blogging community. If you are nominated for the Liebster Award, you have a few rules to follow:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 500 followers
4. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
5.Tag your nominees & post a comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them
So a big thank you to Little Miss Prepared for nominating me and for leaving me a list of interesting questions to answer (and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve learned how to add a link. What a dumbo I was before, argh!) And here are the questions I was given!

1. Where is your ‘happy place’?

I guess I have a number of happy places (figuratively and literally), but I’d say my main motivations come down to three things:

1. Movies – Yes, I am that kind of person who can watch a movie and get completely immersed in its world. Particularly with epic movies like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, etc. and some series like Game of Thrones. Call me an escapist…

2. Nature – I love nature – the more remote, the better. I love the sound of water, be it waves on the beach, rain on leaves or a waterfall gushing over. I love spring flowers and autumn leaves – and I’m sure I’d love the silence of snowfall, though I haven’t had much experience with it. Nature reminds me of my origins and of the Creator, and that’s probably the happiest place I could be.

3. Music – My happy place is somewhere between Comptine d’un autre été L’après midi and Divenire. Imagine a rainy day, with the wind blustering outside, and your fingers flying across the keys without even opening your eyes – because you’re not playing a piano, you’re singing it. It’s not just a song, it’s your soul dancing. 🙂

2. What is your favourite book?

Argh Bree this is a hard one!! There are so many books I love to bits. Probably my all time favourite is still Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I think I’ve read that over 50 times (from the time I was about 10) – when you are that age and you are reading Harry Potter for the first time, you will sit by the post box waiting for your letter from Hogwarts. It didn’t help that I had owls living in my roof then!

I think I love that book because that’s where the journey of imagination began – before all the sadness and darkness, it was just a simple story about a boy whose mother sacrificed everything for him, but there still being a whole world of hope ahead of him. 

3. How many children would you like (can be in your ideal world)?

Ideally I’d like 3 – though I’d be happy to settle for 2. As long as Jacob is not an only child, that’s fine by me. 🙂

By the way, here is my little Jacob doing pushups in his pirate tent! I can’t write a blog post without posting a picture of him, haha! 


4. How did you meet your partner or husband?

People say we are a match made in heaven, and funnily enough, we met each other at church. On our first date, we had coffee/hot chocolate and talked, then had dinner and talked, and had dessert and talked… and I thought, man, this guy’s going to make me fat! Haha! 🙂 We enjoy our indulgences. But honestly, I’m so glad we met at church because I wanted to be with someone who has the same beliefs as I do, and I’m glad we can bring Jacob up with this shared faith. 

5. What is your favourite part about being a mum/mom?

My favourite part would probably be having cuddles and smiles with Jacob. He has an infectious smile and no matter what’s happening, his smile makes me smile. I’m also blessed to have a teddy bear type baby, who is warm and cuddly all the time (plus he has soft fuzzy hair). My cuddle love tank is full to the brim and overflowing!

6. What is your favourite room/place in your house?

I actually really like my front garden, and the little staircase coming through it. We have lovely roses and lavender bushes growing, and it gets great lighting so it’s an awesome place for photos. Come to think of it, I took a photo there today! This is my new autumn outfit – okay, I admit that’s a spring skirt! I’m not very fashion savvy I guess, sigh…


Okay, I know it’s not IN the house but I hope it’ll do! 😛

7. What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

We were on holiday in Tasmania when I started feeling funny, so I bought a double pack as I was going to test twice – because once isn’t enough to convince me. I was actually a little skeptical when the first test was positive. We’d only started trying and I was like “No way!”. But the next day, we tested again and that’s when we started getting excited.

8. Were you hoping for a boy or a girl (or both in twin cases) and what was your partner or husband hoping for?

I’ve actually got to ask Daniel that one – I think he wouldn’t have minded either but is happy that we have a boy. We both initially thought it was a girl but were still over the moon when we found out it was a boy. And come to think of it, I always wanted to have a boy first (and then a girl). 🙂

9. What is your least favourite chore around the house?

Probably the one(s) that I never do! 😛 Out of regular house chores, the one I dislike the most is vacuuming (though steam mopping comes a close second). The reason – I hate cords! Even with an extension cord, I always seem to pull the plug out of the socket, knock something over or just trip over the vacuum. When I used to work in hospitality, I used to love vacuuming, but that was because we had backpack vacuums which you just wear on your back!

10. If you had to eat the same thing every day what would it be?

Hmmm… that’s a tough one because I’m always in different moods where I want to eat different things. Potato chips always go down well (especially just the plain salted ones). I must admit that, as Asian as this sounds, rice would be a fave of mine. When I was a child, I used to go out and just eat bowls of plain white rice lol. 

11. If you could go anywhere where would it be?

I really really want to go travelling all over the world, particularly to Europe and Japan, but not just the tourist attractions. I’m the kind of person who likes to live it like a local. So, I’d like to see back streets, little local joints where you need to know the local tongue to even find the place, etc. I’ve been sorta longing to see Ireland again (probably because I’ve been listening to Irish music lately), but anywhere in Europe is awesome…


The reason why this post is a bit delayed is because I couldn’t find enough nominees lol! Silly me for not blogsurfing more often – and I realise quite a few blogs I follow have more than 500 followers so I couldn’t nominate them! But here are my nominees!!

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And the questions for you are:

1. Why did you decide to start blogging (and has this purpose lived on through your blogging career)?

2. What’s the weirdest thing someone has commented on your blog?

3. Who would you consider your idol?

4. Are you right handed or left handed (or both)?

5. Where were you born?

6. What is the most meaningful thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

7. If you were a cake, what flavour would you be?

8. What is your dream holiday destination?

9. What is your favourite nursery rhyme?

10. What would be your life motto?

11. If you had the choice of being born (again) into any family/place/circumstance, who/where/what would it be?

A pregnancy recap

I have indeed been rather random lately! In the last few days, I’ve been looking at old photos including those I took when I was pregnant. I admit that I had a good pregnancy and, despite the aches and pains, I sometimes miss that closeness with the baby a.k.a. the little alien under my skin.


This was my pregnancy announcement photo and I have to admit I was arching my back to try and show off some sort of belly. I lost weight in my first trimester and I didn’t show til a bit later in pregnancy. It was quite annoying because people wouldn’t offer me their seats on the bus til I was in my third trimester, and even then, sometimes people wouldn’t move til I asked them to move.


This was around Easter (so, like early April?) and I was about 4 months pregnant. Still not showing but looking a bit flabby. I tried to stay active during pregnancy – did pregnancy yoga in my third trimester, but I also walked quite a bit. On the day I was actually in labour (contractions were still quite far apart though) I went on a nice long walk with Skittles.


In June, my workplace had a Casino-themed function and this was my only formal dress that still fit. I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant here (and had clearly put on some weight already). I had an issue with the slit of the dress as my belly kept pulling it up. It annoyed me that by this time, I could still not wear the maternity clothing I’d bought – it was still too big!


In June, we also had my baby shower. I love this picture because, funnily enough, all three of the other girls in this picture are pregnant now! Not sure if there was something in the water…

WP_20130803_002This is a shot I took on my babymoon, where I was 37 weeks exactly. I was so blessed that I didn’t get stretch marks – it’s in my genes apparently. I put on weight on my thighs and hips though (as one would).


And this was taken a day or two before I had Jacob. 🙂

Note to other pregnant mums reading – take lots of pictures because you are gorgeous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And don’t turn straight to daggy clothes – of course, wear anything you want when you’re at home, but don’t be afraid to do your hair, put on make up and dress up. Remember that you can (and should be) treated like a princess, though don’t be too demanding. Keep as active as your body allows you to, and remember that pregnancy is not an illness but a privilege. Be strong, because your baby needs you to be strong! 🙂 And he or she will love you unconditionally (as will you love him/her).

I know I was considered to have a good pregnancy, but it still came with ailments like tiredness, morning sickness, dizziness, susceptibility to colds (which I don’t usually get), sore joints, sore ribs from the baby’s position, interrupted sleep and, of course, labour and having a baby. I wouldn’t trade my pregnancy experience for the world.

And all that resulted in my little gorgeous boy, who is kinda a big deal:

WP_20140105_006The next time I check in, I’ll be in Melbourne! 🙂

Perfect swimming weather!

We’re just recovering from Adelaide’s hottest December day in 82 years! The temperature hit just over 43 degrees yesterday and I think everyone was feeling the heat, especially poor Skittles (we let her in for a bit and gave her many ice cubes). We bought a shell yesterday (because I’m not into blowing up a pool, and Skittles bit a hole in our old pool) and it was lovely.

ImageJacob cooled down heaps in the pool and had a fun splash about – he was a bit shocked that the water was so cool (as he normally has warm baths) but he got used to it. Didn’t keep him in for too long though.

ImageAfterwards, Skittles got a turn. She’s sorta scared of water so won’t go in when we’re there (maybe because she hates baths), but will go and explore it herself later on and have a sip.

ImageToday is still relatively hot – 38 degrees! If it’s this hot now, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in January! Let’s hope for no bushfires! At least it cools down over the weekend and it’s 30 degrees on Christmas day. 

I know I’m supposed to blog about the nativity experience (and I will in my next post, for sure) but today I really want to talk about pregnancy bodies, weight loss and all that jazz.

Yesterday marked the first day that I stepped into a bikini and I honestly didn’t mind how I looked. Firstly, I have to admit that this pregnancy was really kind to me. It’s in my genes not to have stretch marks (or so I hope anyway – fingers crossed if I have other kids) so I only have my linea negra to show for it, and I had a “not interested in food” pregnancy though I did eat more in the third trimester. I think that we had a good strategy having a winter baby, as the pregnant belly keeps you warm in winter, and you generally lose your pregnancy weight in summer because people lose weight in summer anyhow.

I’m still about 7kg above my pre-pregnancy weight though I think I have toned myself up in the last few weeks. Now, let me assure you that I’m not starving myself (hardly, it’s Christmastime!) and not working out crazily either. I admit that I do take the opportunity to walk Skittles every day (except for when it’s 43 degrees!) and that does help. But breastfeeding makes you really hungry and it’s only right that you eat a good amount so your baby will be nourished too.

I know some of my pregnant friends are worried at times whether they’re overeating, or if they’ll be able to lose the weight they gained over pregnancy. I have to tell you the truth – you’re not going to have your exact pre-pregnancy body back, and not right away for sure. I know for myself that my hips have gotten bigger and my thighs are bigger than Daniel’s at the moment – *gasp*! But I know that in time, I’ll get back to a healthy body shape and that’s all that’s important for me.

So, for you ladies who are pregnant, eat well but don’t overindulge with your cravings. I know sometimes it’s tempting to eat a whole tub of ice cream, but you’ll be fine with just a scoop or even one of those mini ice creams on a stick. (I love mini Magnums, yum!) If you can breastfeed, do so as it does help with your weight loss but if you can’t, you’re still a great mum and your baby will thrive on formula too. 

I think what’s important is to keep active even after pregnancy. Now I’m not asking you to run on a treadmill in the first few weeks after the birth. I actually put on weight in the first few weeks after Jacob was born as I was sitting at home a lot (as opposed to walking the dog and running around heaps as I was doing in pregnancy) and my mum was feeding me lots of nourishing food. But there are heaps of things you could do – walking’s probably the easiest. I know there are mum and bubs exercise groups like yoga, etc. and I find it’s great to meet other mums so you can sit and rant about baby poo stories together. 

But what’s most important is to remember that you are beautiful. I remember going through a lot of “OMG I look like a frog” moments over the last few months. I guess it didn’t help that my skin was peeling, I was losing hair and I don’t look great sleep-deprived either. Partners, this is where it is important to convince your wife that she does not look like a frog. You have to remind her that all her odd bits here and there are just tiny reminders of the miracle that she has given birth to.

And mums, you are beautiful. You just have to look into your baby’s eyes and catch him/her gazing back at you to remember that he/she thinks you are the most beautiful being on earth. 

Of rojak buah and black forest cake…

What a weekend – I think I really got too enthusiastic about this International Night. It’s usually a yearly event our church organises to celebrate our diversity. For an Australian countryside church, we really do have quite a variety – people from New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia (me), Indonesia, South Africa, etc. And of course, there are those who grew up in Australia but embrace their cultural roots; from German and Dutch to Scottish and Russian.

Anyway, this year I manned the Malaysian table and hubby decided to do a German table too, though I admit I did most of the cooking for it. I started preparing things from Friday and spent the whole of Saturday night and Sunday cooking.

Anyway here I am setting up my spread! I realise I need a haircut haha! And that’s my friend looking gorgeous while being 5 months pregnant… looking forward to more babies coming our way!


One of the Malaysian dishes I miss the most is roti canai from a mamak stall. I remember going out with my parents or with my friends to eat this for breakfast, sometimes for lunch and sometimes in the middle of the night. Malaysians can eat at any time of day! Due to the lack of time (and skill), I just used frozen roti (but there’s nothing like the real deal!).

Two curries accompanied my roti canai – usually we eat this with dal curry and sambal (or at least I do). My dal lost a bit of water so it was quite solid but I like the flavour – the recipe incorporated a lot of spices like cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, turmeric, garam masala, etc. And I sorta cheated with my other curry – thanks mummy for the curry mix. Just throw in the veggies and some coconut milk, and voila!

The bowl furthest to the right is Penang rojak buah, which is a savoury fruit salad. It has a mixture of fruits like pineapple, apple and green mango with some cucumber and jicama. It’s really yummy on a hot day, and don’t forget to put a sprinkle of crushed peanuts onto it!


On to the desserts! Since it was a warm day, I decided to make some drink-like desserts. On the left is what we call soyabean cincau. In Asia, soymilk tastes completely different (it’s not the ones in the cartons) and it is SOOOO good. Hits the spot for me anyway. Somebody in Malaysia decided that it’d be good to put black grass jelly into this soyabean milk and it’s really good! In Indonesia, instead of soyabean milk, they put this jelly in coconut milk (which sounds pretty darn good too!).

And on the right is my favourite honeydew sago – I was a bit disappointed with it because the honeydew didn’t have very much fruity sweetness, so it could have used a touch more sugar. It looks a bit pink because Daniel bought me pink sago. But it was thirst-quenching anyway – I’m going to enjoy the leftovers!


Here I am rushing to get the German table ready while Daniel takes photos (and Jacob sleeps in his pram). I made sauerkraut and the key to it is be generous with the apple cider vinegar. It sure cured one of my pregnant girlfriend’s cravings, haha! And I also made a dish called bratkartoffeln which is basically fried potato with bacon. We don’t eat bacon so I used veggie bacon, which was not too bad at all!


And finally, the cake of cakes – black forest! It’s funny how it was a significant cake in both my husband’s life and mine – we both grew up having these cakes at our birthday parties, etc. Anyway, I was intent on trying to make this cake despite being terrible at baking. I was thinking of making my base cake in my convection oven but chickened out in the end, so my mum-in-law saved the day. Thanks for the lovely cake, Julie! Daniel and I put on the finishing touches – layering the cake with cherry mixture and cream, then lathering the whole cake with cream and breaking some Flake onto the cake. I heard it’s yummy (though I haven’t tried it myself – will have a piece tonight though!).

20131020_174125All in all, a great occasion. If anyone wants recipes, let me know and I’ll lead you to them. I’m an addict and always swear by them for good recipes, though I usually improvise.

Jacob was well-behaved too. It’s amazing how he’s so good in public places – I suppose it has to do with all the aunties and uncles cooing over him (not to mention getting cuddles from nanny every time). Pity Jacob couldn’t try any of the food (though he might taste it in his breastmilk). Did you know that your milk will change flavour based on what you eat?

Another thing I’ve caught myself doing many times over the last few months is being an insufferable pregnancy know-it-all! I can’t help it at times though – I guess it’s my way of being excited. When I found out some of my close friends were expecting, of course I was really excited but I’m not the type that screams and goes “OMGOMG tell me everything!” I guess my way of expressing excitement is by sharing their situation with my own prior experience (which leads to a lot of fact-dropping).


One friend said she had leg cramps, so I suggested taking more calcium (cos that’s what worked for me).

One friend was saying she felt she should get her eyes checked, and I went sometime like “Do you know that when you’re pregnant, your eyesight deteriorates a bit? But it’ll go back to normal after the pregnancy normally…”

One friend was talking about how she felt her baby in her tummy, and I went something like “Do you know you can also feel the baby hiccup in your tummy? Jacob’s hiccups used to vibrate my whole tummy! And later on you’ll be able to see the movements too – like a leg or hand poking out!”

I suppose I’m trying to be helpful but I don’t want to be bordering annoying. But just a shout out to my girls – if any of you want advice (or an opinion, since I don’t always know best), I’m here! And if I don’t know it, I will search the whole world wide web and find it out for you. But if you think I should shut up, just tell me and I’ll quit it! 🙂

Just a brief farewell from my little boy blue. He’s really happy that he’s already raised $560 for the ADRA Appeal. 3 more weeks to go – I wonder how much he can get by then. xoxo


Checking in from the world of motherhood…

I did say before that I didn’t really want this to be a fully dedicated pregnancy/baby blog but at the moment, this seems to be all that’s happening in my life (and I can’t complain!).

Here are 5 things I learned this week:

1. Babies will do things in their time (particularly newborns). They will tell you when they are hungry, wet, bored, tired, etc. And initially, you may not understand them but just give them a few days and soon you’ll be able to understand him/her a lot better.

Initially I used to get quite upset hearing him cry (which in turn, made him more upset) but now I realise that it’s just his way of communicating, and he just needs lots of cuddles.

2. It’s essential to have a great stroller. This was our first choice:
nfortunately, it’s not within our budget. It’s available in Australia at the moment for around $1500 (which is actually not bad for the features it has).

Instead, we opted for the Steelcraft Strider Compact, which is really well made. It’s lightweight, folds up easily, and can fit baby all the way from newborn to 20kg. It gives us the option to have rear or front facing, and we could even put in a 2nd seat should we have another child in the next few years *hint hint*. Jacob gives his seal of approval.


3. Breastfeeding hurts! Well, it differs for each person but I believe there’s still a certain period of time to get used to it on top of the soreness of the delivery, etc. At the hospital, they gave me lanolin cream to treat my nipples but unfortunately, I’m allergic to lanolin. Thank goodness for Hydrogel Breast Feeding Pads! They’re called Mothermates and can be purchased from pharmacies – really helped me heal quickly.

Your breasts also get sore, especially when your milk comes in – I found a shower in the evening helps greatly (also with your mood, which is my next point).

4. I put up a bit of a discussion online regarding something I call “evening blues”, and quite a few mums agreed that they had experienced something similar. I think it’s a mixture of lack of sleep, the healing process from the labour and the emotional effect of the whole situation (hormones and all). Have you felt this before? I’ve found that it’s best to take a walk in the evening, have a nice shower (or bath if you want to indulge) and have an early night. 🙂

5. Don’t be sloppy with doing up diapers! I have to admit that before Jacob was born, I had never changed a nappy before and had no idea what to do. I’ve sorta got the hang of it now, but on some nights where I’m sore, sleepy and just couldn’t care less, I don’t get the diaper on right (i.e. too loose). This has resulted in many different disasters hence why I should really perfect my technique.

And this is the pic of the day – love my little boy. He is so cute:


Lianne’s Tips (and other things I did this weekend)

This thing about ‘tips’ is a bit of an inside joke at work, about a set of tips our boss once presented to us. Anyway, I did have an enjoyable weekend and did my best to get a bit of housework done. No, no nesting instinct yet… *sigh*

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few housekeeping tips that I learned (some, the hard way) this weekend:

  • You CAN iron shirts when they’re damp, like even straight out of the washing machine (though I usually put them on a hanger for a while to air out and dry a bit)
  • Every time I change my sheets, I have to hunt down the different pieces here and there. If you don’t want to get your sheet sets mixed up, tuck the sheet set into one of the pillowcases and stack them according to size. 
  • Something I struggle with is clutter – I just need to keep everything, don’t I? It’s the little things that build up to become big things, so I’ve decided that I’ll establish some ground rules:
    – Get rid of all junk mail. Don’t be tempted by vouchers that you won’t ever use.
    – If it takes less than one minute to do it, do it. Throw something into the bin instead of putting it on the table. 
    – No more taking freebies, Lianne. 
    – Get more hooks so you won’t put stuff all over the floor.
    – When in doubt, throw it out (or give it to an op shop). No more being sentimental.
  • Why struggle washing big things (like huge pots, large trays, range hood covers, etc.) in your sink when you can soak and wash them in your bath tub? I had a good time scrubbing them there – so much more room!
  • If you’re using the off-the-shelf oven cleaner, use gloves as they’re corrosive! Next time I do it, I’ll just use water and baking soda. Mix 4 tbsp of baking soda to a litre of water, mix it in a spray bottle and spray it all over the oven. Let it soak in for at least an hour, then use a scraper to get the carbon bits off.
  • (This is an obvious tip) Don’t decide to clean your oven when you’re about to prepare something baked for lunch and dinner. Foiled my cooking plans and we had to have toasties and pizza.
  • As a final note, I found a list of blogs with some awesome housekeeping tips. I’ll check them out sometime:
  • One last random tip: when you forget that you hung your dress on a hook (to take a photo of it), just pretend you were being artsy. I guess it sorta does go with the decor, doesn’t it? 


Anyway, since I’m now 38 weeks, I was thinking of doing another pregnancy post. 

How far along? 38 Weeks

Total weight gain: Went from 53kg to 65kg. Wow, I’ve never ever been this heavy before!

Maternity clothes? My maternity pants are STILL too big for me haha! Since I’ve stopped work, I’ve graduated to wearing Daniel’s shirts as they’re just the right size and so much more comfy!

Stretch marks? Mum says it’s in my genes that we don’t get stretch marks. Well, that’s a bonus! 🙂

Sleep: I honestly have to admit that this pregnancy has been treating me well on the sleep front. Yes, I do wake up once or twice a night but I go straight back to sleep after. My crazy dreams may be contagious though – Dan’s had a few crazy one and he’s also sleep-talked to me a few times! 

Best moment this week: Well, this week’s really just started.. I suppose it was good that we had a spot of spring weather and that Skittles and I saw a koala in the reserve near our house. It was just sitting on a low branch sunning itself.


Miss Anything? Being agile. I used to be able to slip into the tightest corners, but now my belly gets in the way! I also miss sashimi… 

Movement: The baby is still really quite active. It’s funny to see my belly go all misshapen when it turns and kicks, etc. 

Food cravings: My favourites this week are bananas, Tim Tams and Up&Go’s. This could be related to the fact that I usually can’t be bothered cooking lunch for myself, hence I end up having 2 Up&Go’s and a banana at lunch (and a Tim Tam with hot choc for afternoon tea). I will be more motivated this week!

Baby Shopping: I forgot to take a photo of it, but I basically went on a huge shop for baby stuff at Target. Bought some sheet sets, diapers, toiletries and also got some feeding tops for myself. I must control myself from buying more clothes – they’re just so cute!

Labor Signs: None yet actually! I’m waiting… Cramps once in a while but they’re just Braxton Hicks. 

Belly Button in or out? Pretty much out. 🙂

Symptoms: I have to admit this has been a good pregnancy. Just a few aches and pains here and there, tiredness at times, but I find it does improve if I’m up and about (and it helps me sleep well at night too). I’m also a little easily angered (especially by Skittles!).

Next appointment: Thursday again. Not sure why these were spaced 2 weeks apart but I guess all has been good, so I won’t complain. 

Looking forward to: Our little baby to join us soon, and to find the perfect name for our baby!