Desserts galore…

My pregnancy cravings certainly have been rather delayed… earlier in pregnancy, I really didn’t feel like eating anything much at all. But now that I’m tired, aching and happy to sleep in til 11a.m. every day, I’ve realised there are quite a few things I’d like to eat.

I think part of it is being part of a Peranakan/Nyonya Food Group on Facebook – people keep posting pictures of food that I would really LOVE to eat! I’m in a sweet mood today for some reason.

Here are my top 7 dessert cravings, not in any particular order, and because I like the number 7…

1. Sago Gula Melaka


Imagine pudding-like sago immersed in palm sugar and a bit of coconut milk. Used to eat this all the time at Nyonya restaurants in Malaysia. Pure heaven! (and probably diabetes too)

2. Crème Brûlée

creme brulee

It’s a skill to get creme brulee perfect – It needs to be soft underneath, but have that crackly top that snaps when you tap your spoon on it. This one in the picture looks extremely delectable.

3. A&W Waffles


A&W is an American chain that has been around in Malaysia for many many years. My mum and I would have fried chicken, curly fries, maybe a coney dog or two and finally, share a strawberry waffle with ice cream for dessert. Hits the spot!

4. Putu Mayam


This is a Southern Indian dish – in Malaysia, we used to buy it from a roadside stall. Very simple dish, yet really satisfying. It uses a rice flour base, and looks a bit like vermicelli noodles – imagine that with soft brown sugar and shredded coconut. To really get it right, you have to eat it with your hands!

5. Tab Tim Krob


This is probably my favourite Thai dessert. Don’t be alarmed by the bright red bits – they’re actually coloured water chesnuts. I love it nice and simple – just the red water chestnuts, slices of jackfruit immersed in coconut milk.

6. Fruit Tartlet

fruit tart

My mother-in-law is kind enough to remember me when she heads out to Lobethal Bakery and to buy me a fruit tartlet. I love the fruitiness of these tarts, and especially love eating the bits with strawberries, kiwifruit and peaches. Back when I used to go to the TAFE campus, I used to buy fruit tarts – basically, the students make them for practice and boy, are they good! Their secret ingredient is that they have a layer of chocolate between the pastry and the custard cream. Delish!

7. Pisang Goreng


Fried bananas are awesome! In Malaysia, we have so many types of bananas – emas, berangan, rastali, raja, abu, tanduk, etc. They have unique flavours and some are particularly delicious when deep fried. We have two types of fried bananas – the Malay style as pictured above normally involves battering their bananas, whereas Chinese style fried bananas are crumbed. Both are yummy in their own right (and I would love one right now!).

Anyway, enough lusting for food or I’ll crash out from sugar imbalance. Someone has already crashed out for the night (with her bone still in her mouth)… Good night world!