Breastfeeding Fashion…

Firstly, before I go into stuff about myself, Jacob had his 6 month check up today so I have his stats.
Head circumference = 43cm (a bit under average)
Weight = 8.33kg (above average)
Height = 70cm (above average)

He was such an angel at the clinic and was happy the whole time – even right after his shots, I just gave him a cuddle and blew his belly and he was laughing again. Here he is exploring his playpen on his new road rug:


I can’t believe I’m writing about this, but then again, I think it’s something so crucial to me at this point and yet something quite overlooked at times. There is so much advertised about maternity clothing but not so much about ‘breastfeeding’ clothing i.e. clothes that you can wear when you’re breastfeeding so you don’t have to lift up your shirt and expose yourself completely to feed the baby.

So, here I’ll share a few basic ways to transform your wardrobe while also being ‘accessible’ to a hungry baby. And the point with me is that I’m a cheapskate and I don’t really like spending money on myself, so it’s a minimalist’s point of view. Please take note: it’s mostly summer clothing because it’s been warm over here.

Firstly, I am well aware that there are breastfeeding shawls that can hide the baby and the nudity effectively to a point that you could wear anything you like. I use one whenever I can, but Jacob HATES it especially in warm weather. He just refuses to drink and fusses and flails til I uncover him. Hence the need for me to find some appropriate pieces of clothing that do not bare all when baby is intent on having a drink in some highly public location. I don’t have anything against breastfeeding in public, but as a personal choice, I much prefer to do it somewhere, quietly and privately. In the meantime, Jacob uses my breastfeeding shawl as a blanket instead:


Firstly, you need to don yourself with a chocolate sundae! 🙂 Haha okay I’m too indulgent. In this same picture (behind the awesome sundae) is my breastfeeding top – there are different ones on the market with flaps or peepholes incorporated into the design. These are probably the easiest – I got this one off Ebay for less than $10. The sundae is from Chocolateria San Churros (gosh I love that place!).


Alright, well I guess in terms of basics, maternity tank tops are a must. I practically lived in them for the first month (despite it being winter – sorry I have terrible seasonal dress sense). They are awesome but also a bit tacky and I felt a bit bogan wearing them out sometimes. But sometimes it’s quite subtle – like the picture below (as the attention is mostly on Jacob).

ImageA no-brainer is probably to wear button ups. I much preferred the casual button ups over the officey type clothing, though some were a bit too loose to a point of looking daggy. I suppose as long as you don’t pair it with something loose and baggy, they’ll work. Yet again, any outfit paired up with chocolate works. 🙂


My pet peeve was choosing a dress to wear, because you can always pull up your top to feed (in a dire situation) but you can’t exactly pull up your entire dress to feed. I found some dresses with front buttons or a press stud (like the one below)- in winter, I’d wear the maternity tank underneath. I also found dresses with front zips and V neck / empire waistline dresses handy. Isn’t Jacob so tiny here? I miss him being that size!


Probably one of my favourite ways to ‘hide’ a breastfeeding tank top is by layering it over with a crop top or bolero. I just bought this pink one the other day and just love how it can dress up a simple outfit. Please excuse the fact that I looked stoned because I had a huge day of driving/running here and there.

ImageI hope this helps (especially to all you new mums out there). There is so much to learn with your baby, and there’s one size fits all manual… And you spend so much time working out how your baby ticks, to a point that you almost forget about yourself. Please don’t forget about yourself, because a healthy and happy mum is essential for a happy baby.

So, put on some pretty clothing, do your hair and remember that you are gorgeous. Even if there is a bit of baby puke on your shoulder. 

Over and out. 😉