Why am I so busy?

So, if you have not noticed already, I constantly complain that I am busy! Yet I also inflict myself with more and more commitments (because that’s just what makes me tick). 

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things that I do with my time. 

Cleaning. Nope, I don’t have a spa tub at home (but I wish I did!). This is a picture of me when I was working in housekeeping before, hence I should have NO excuse for not knowing how to do housework. 


Walking Skittles. I’m so happy that I actually have time to walk Skittles almost every day. I think that walking her has been really good for me because it’s helped me control my weight and the fresh air does wonders for the soul! Here is a pic of Skittles when she was really little, on one of her very first walks.


Baby Bounce. I went to the library’s baby bounce programs and noticed that so many people were attending and having a good time with their babies. It’s an awesome singalong program and a good way for mums to meet other mums too. We have a local ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Community Centre in the area and I thought it’d be a great program to start up there! So far, we’ve only had a few mums and bubs but I hope the group will grow significantly (and Jacob and I can both make new friends!).

Food Distribution. The ADRA Community Centre also runs a food distribution program where people who are in need can pick up groceries. The food comes from Second Bite, an organisation who collects and redistributes food to agencies like ADRA to reach the community. What’s great is that Jacob can come along with me when I help out here, and he definitely gets involved with the food. Silly boy must think it’s a ball pit- I usually get him out quite quickly but this was a photo moment I didn’t want to miss.

ImageThere are quite a few different programs available at the ADRA Community Centre so for those of you in the local area, check out their Facebook page for more info! 

Writing. I think I might have mentioned this before, but I write for JOM Magazine which is a Melbourne-based, Malaysian-interest magazine. The hard copy version of the magazine is only available in Melbourne but there is a digital copy that you can read on their website. See if you can spot any of my articles! 🙂 I would love to write more, not just with magazines but on a personal level as well.

And here is a picture of myself, Jacob and a small goat:

ImageAlright, I’m just being random now (probably due to disjointed sleep, busy day and silly but cute baby) so I might just rattle off a few random facts about my week. 

– I am LOVING the fact that this is one of the warmer winters Adelaide is experiencing. This week has been a bit rainy but we got some nice sunshine today. I thrive on warm weather (and could happily go back to living in Far North Queensland).

– Doing community work is really uplifting. While earning money is great too (and we need money to live), helping people fulfil their needs is intrinsically rewarding. I’ve just felt really happy to see the way some of the community activities I’ve been involved in has impacted on people’s lives.

– I am SO blessed with opportunities to earn a living. At times, I get so worried that I’m not earning money and feel bad about buying things etc. But God always provides me with what I need and every time I falter, He reminds me that He is taking care of me.

– I got Jacob’s passport photo taken and I have to admit, my baby is gorgeous. Haha!! He had just woken up from a nap so he was relatively docile but still in a good mood from his good rest. I won’t post his picture up here but I can promise you, it’s pretty cute (and better than my passport photo where I look like some refugee).

– A lecturer of mine posted a video of one of our food and beverage classes 5 years ago, and I can’t believe it’s been 5 years!!! That was my first year in Australia and since then, I’ve lived in 3 different states, graduated, worked at 6 different places (not including one-offs and subcontracted work), gotten married and had a baby. Wow. I have been busy!

Alright, I’ve come to the end of my tether so good night all! 🙂

Review – BabyButton Breastfeeding Cover & Giveaway

This looks like an awesome product! 🙂 And you have the chance to win it here…


Recently I jumped at the opportunity to review a Breastfeeding cover from Australian company BabyButton. Yes, my daughter is nearing that 18 month mark and is coming towards the end of her breastfeeding days (not without protest) so I have had a bit of experience with breastfeeding covers.

What I personally want in a cover is something simple to use, that conceals all it is supposed to. A little bit of style doesn’t hurt either.

Since my daughters birth I have struggled with a cover I purchased from a baby store that did the job but was so awkward and not always great at the concealing. It’s like a poncho with one arm hole. Even to this day I am still not entirely sure which arm I’m supposed to have in the hole when feeding on a certain side, and because it wraps right around, it could be really hard…

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Children’s Book Review – “Mr Pete, Where are your feet?”

Reading is one of my hobbies, or at least it used to be until I got too busy to do it. Even before I started going to school, I used to churn through 12 books a week. But over the years, I’ve had to put that hobby in the background to try and juggle all the other things I need/want to do (being the social being that I am). And now with a baby, this is proving even harder – I borrowed a book from the local library in March and have renewed it twice but still haven’t gotten halfway through it yet.

However, something I indulge in lately is children’s books! Of course, I try to read them to Jacob who is either completely uninterested or tries to eat my book (and cries when I try to take it away from him). But really, children’s books help me remember my love for reading and spur me on to pick up that bigger “adult” book that I have to try and read a chapter (only to be interrupted by a baby trying to climb the TV cabinet). 

I agreed to review a new children’s book written by Katherine Bartlett, a talented lady with a love for winged creatures (i.e. birds, not bats or flying foxes). Her book has a catchy title – “Mr Pete, Where are your feet?”. With Jacob sitting in his cot at full attention, I opened it up full screen and read it to Jacob (in hopes to get his opinions too).


The book introduces us to Mr Pete and his family – his winged brothers and sisters, and his non-winged mummy (whom he obviously loves to bits despite her not having wings like him). Anyway, mummy asks him a rhetorical question, “Mr Pete, where are your feet?” and it gets Mr Pete thinking. He looks at his feet and to his dismay, they’re “missing” – he had shorter feet and fewer claws compared to the other birds.

So, he sets off to look for his feet. Along with his birdy sisters and brothers, they search all over the place for Mr Pete’s feet but to no avail. Mr Pete is disheartened and is worried that his mummy will no longer accept him for his flaws, but mummy proves him wrong with loving affirmation.


While this book addresses the issue of disability and acceptance in society, I think that it also addresses another much more common issue – accepting our flaws. Our world today pressures people so much to groom themselves to perfection that people are increasingly insecure about their shortcomings. However, all we need is a gentle reassurance that we are accepted for who we are.

I enjoyed this book – the illustrations were simple but effective. Repetition is always a great feature of children’s books and I really liked the values the book teaches. Probably a more suitable read for kindy or early primary readers, though I must say it did keep Jacob’s attention for a little while (before he started chewing on the cot railing, le sigh).

An extra bonus at the end was the fact that it was a true story (and we were introduced to all the real-life bird characters!). I think it’s really great to bring the story to life (and perhaps pave the way for a sequel?). Awesome story, Katherine, and I look forward to future books!

You can purchase her book on Amazon here.

I apologise for a bit of self-promotion along with this post, but this brings something to mind that I haven’t thought of for AGES! Back in 2007, I joined a writing competition which won me a trip to Dublin. We were meant to write a 1500 word piece on the title “Helping Hands” – and as I read the piece I wrote, I think “Damn, I was a pretty good writer!” 🙂 

I found the archive of it – read my story here.

And just to prove to you that yes, I have been in the paper before, here is one of the archived articles about my prize-winning experience. Please ignore the terribly ugly picture of myself trying to look as though I’m excited.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 🙂

Sleep sleep sleep…

If there’s one thing I’d like today, it’s sleep! I think that as a new parent, you hear a lot of things like “Uh oh, you’re not going to get a lot of sleep!” but I don’t think you actually know what it means until you really experience it yourself.

Jacob was born at 8.00am – I laboured overnight and was a little bit tired by that morning, though I didn’t really feel it due to the euphoria and adrenaline of finally meeting my little baby. I remember the nurses asking me to sleep as they put him into the little crib beside me – and I couldn’t sleep! All I could think about was him (and all I was doing was taking photos of him!). I was told that he and I were fine and that I had the option to go home in the evening if I wanted to. Feeling a bit gung ho and like I was on top of the world, we agreed to be discharged at 6.00pm.

ImageOne of the photos I took of Jacob – oh, he was such a cute little thing!!

Oh my goodness, was I crazy? That night, Dan and I were taking turns cuddling our beautiful newborn baby who was just shrieking his head off all the way from midnight to about 6.30am. And that’s where I learned the meaning of “You’re going to lose some sleep.” It was only a few days later that we realised what would soothe him – this baby was a dummy-sucking baby! But anyway, on began our journey of interrupted sleep.

With this new “dummy” of his, Jacob was quite easily pacified. He did cry quite a bit (as babies often do) but we were able to get him into a 3-4 hourly routine (feed, sleep, wake up 3-4 hours later and repeat). And then he started sleeping 6-7 hour stints in the night (11pm to 5am/6am) which was quite a relief. And I thought, oh wow – have I actually got a baby that sleeps through?

I think another thing that new parents are not really told are the specifics of lost sleep – when it happens, why it happens and what on earth we have to do about it. Yes, I know I was supposed to do my homework before the baby was born, but nobody told me about things like wonder weeks, growth spurts, sleep regressions, etc. And so many times, people tell you that babies don’t go by the book (but I believe this is one area where they do go by the book, or at least it appears to be the case).

So, before anyone like me gets the impression that their child is a sleep guru, I just wanted to share some resources about these difficult periods of time. I’m not saying that your child will not be a good sleeper – I seriously hope and pray that he or she is, but it’s always good to know what to expect in case he or she isn’t.

Firstly, wonder weeks – at first I thought this was a good thing (and in a way, it is) like he’d become a wonder baby and suddenly learn how to change his own nappies or something. Wonder weeks are actually weeks of rapid mental development, where they make huge discoveries such as understanding cause and effect, recognising faces, mobility, etc. I know that I’ve looked at a number of resources, but this one from Essential Baby is quite a good one in explaining when and what happens in each wonder week phase.

Jacob is now about 39 weeks so he’s not really in a wonder week phase at the moment, but perhaps there are other things to explain his sleeping issues. When I say issues, I just mean interrupted sleep patterns at night. This time last week, he used to go to bed around 8.30pm and wake up around 3am for a feed, and then be fresh and happy the next morning at 6.30 or 7am. However, the last few nights, he’s been fighting off sleep so bedtime is usually after 9 (and it was 10 tonight because he crashed out at 5pm, so couldn’t sleep til 10) and he wakes frequently, only to want to wake up at 4.30am to play. No, 4.30am is NOT playtime.

Anyway, another thing close to my heart are sleep regressions, because Jacob seems to be quite “by the book” in terms of timeframes. So, I thought I’d worked everything out by 3 months and then when he turned 4 months old, sleep went haywire again. And I was asking myself “What am I doing wrong?”, “Is he teething?” (yes, he was actually – the teeth were moving under the gum), “How do I get him to sleep through again?”

It didn’t help that it was the heart of one of the hottest summers we’ve had in Adelaide for a very long time! But anyway, with a bit of perseverance, we got through it somehow (and it did help that Daniel was on school holidays, so he was here to back me up). Here is a good link with a bit more information about the 4 month sleep regression (and how to deal with it).

Next up, we had teething. Jacob was an early teether and his teeth were already moving around 4 months, but it was when he was about 5 months that his teeth actually cut through and we had a lot of tears (and a lot of Panadol). All the sleep routines we had were thrown out the window and a lot of cuddles were offered.

Anyway, when he was 6 months old, he was learning to crawl and probably had a growth spurt somewhere that ruled out all his 00 sized clothing. I remember when I was caring for him alone when Daniel was away on school camp, and I’m not sure why but he chose that week to put into effect his hourly wake-ups. It was quite a painful week, I have to admit, but we got through it!

And now, I believe we’re into the next sleep regression – the 8, 9, or 10 month regression coupled with a nap transition. So, basically he’s going through quite a few developmental leaps lately (and I notice them too – it’s really amazing). Here are a few things I’ve noticed happening in the last few weeks:

– He has sped up rapidly with crawling. Like, he’s pretty much walking pace if not faster. So if I put him somewhere and try to run off to do something, he’ll just catch me by the heel. When he’s in the bedroom (which is in the back of the house) and he hears Daniel open the front door, he heads all the way out there to investigate. I wonder if there’s such a sport at crawl-sprinting?

– He is always looking for me or for Daniel. If he sees me walk past the room he’s in, he’ll come looking for me because he knows I now exist even if he doesn’t see me. 

– Before, he would only say “Bababa” and “Gagaga” but lately he makes all these weird different sounds. It’s hilarious talking to him – he babbles things and does long “Ohhhhs” and “Aaaahhs”, or blows raspberries and makes rasping sounds. I love it when he’s noisy because I know he’s discovering new things that he can do vocally.

– He’s increased so much in coordination! The other day, I think he just discovered how to transfer things (in this case, a strawberry) from one hand to the other, and spent a good long time testing this theory. He also is much better at picking up things with his pincer grip, hence he can feed himself much more effectively now (unless he deliberately wants to squish something).

Aside from that, it seems as though he’s changing his own nap schedule. He’s been on two naps a day most of the time (and was relatively regular with them – 10.30am and 3.00pm) but now I’m finding he’s trying to skip his morning nap and will go down to sleep around lunchtime (which is a pain if he hasn’t had lunch yet, and then I end up feeding him lunch at 2pm!). But he’ll have a long sleep instead and power on until around 8 something at night. It’s still a transition so we still have struggles – I still try to put him down to bed at his old naptimes, but we can only wait and see what happens.

I read this resource which provides a bit of an insight into this particular sleep regression. This is another one from The Sleep Lady which helped me to pinpoint what he’s actually going through and how to handle it. This one is a blog post about sleep regressions in general, and I am looking to try some of her techniques (will report back on it later). 

If this all sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry – if you’re not in that phase, I’d say don’t worry about it too much because really, there’s nothing much you can do to prepare for it (except to stock up on lots of chocolates and coffee). For now, just savour some beautiful shots (courtesy of mum in law) of Jacob playing in autumn leaves.

Image“Why are you not answering me, little angel?”


“Maybe I’ll just chase the cat instead.”

“You know what? Autumn is awesome!”

To all the mums out there – I wish you a restful night full of sleep and sweet dreams. ❤ Over and out (like a light!).

9 months new!

Please take note, I am starting this at 8.00am on Monday morning. I must admit that I have been posting less of late, and there is a reason for this. Since Jacob’s been more mobile, he has been a bit more of a menace and has been taking up a bit more of my attention.

Some of the reasons why it takes me longer to write blog posts:
1. Jacob LOVES the computer. Every time I use it, he wants to use it. Even if I try to avoid him or distract him, he’ll be back and will bang on my keyboard. Quite often I just give in and put it away. So I usually only blog when he’s sleeping (or if he’s heavily distracted).
2. Jacob doesn’t sleep much in the day anymore. Our usual routine is 45 mins in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon (though it has been fluctuating lately due to his teething). The rest of the time is usually spent entertaining him.
3. Because he doesn’t sleep much, housework piles up so I use his sleeping time to do housework.

I think it’s just a vicious cycle, but I can’t complain because I do love spending time with him. Sometimes I give him a bit of TV time (like now) for a bit of a break for myself. I’ve borrowed some German kids DVDs from the library and I believe both of us are learning here!

Anyway, it’s 2 days early but I thought I’d better write this before I lose track of time. In 2 days time, Jacob will be 9 months old!! I’ve said this so many times, but I’m still shocked at how time has flown by and how much he has grown and developed. We are beginning to see more and more of his personality, and it’s really exciting.

Height: Haven’t checked lately but I know he’s grown as he’s outgrown some outfits. He’s somewhere between a size 0 and size 1.

Weight: Based on my digital scale, 8.6kg. He used to be 75th percentile but now his weight is around the 25th percentile. Average weight for his age is supposed to be 8.9kg. It’s probably due to the fact that he’s not just mobile, he’s a crazy crawler and climber. He burns off a lot of calories! But as long as he’s healthy, I’m happy.


Milestones: Not walking yet (thank goodness!) but he’s close. He crawls relatively quickly (almost as fast as I walk) so it’s no use now when I put him down somewhere and run to do something else, because he just follows me. He loves opening and closing drawers, pulling himself up onto things (to potentially climb) and playing the piano (He can reach the keys if he tippy-toes).

Sleep: Still not sleeping through – I fear for my sanity at times. It’s only particularly bad if he sleeps too late (hence is overtired) and when he’s teething. His top teeth have descended and slightly cut through but there’s still some growing to do, I reckon.


Favourite foods: Yoghurt (with ANYTHING in it – he once put his omelette in it and ate it.), Weetbix and fruit for breakfast, eggs, carrot sticks (or anything in the form of a stick really), pumpkin, bananas, teething rusks. He’s quite a good eater now though he is still fiercely independent at times.

Favourite books: The Bad-Tempered Ladybird (I borrowed it from the library – Jacob laughs every time I say “Hey you, want to fight?”), All Monkeys Love Bananas (especially the part where they go “Bleh! Yuck!!”), Any book mum is reading (because he’ll want to bite it).


Favourite songs: Ohhhhh…. the grand old duke of york (he loves the up and down motions), 5 little ducks (though I usually start with 3 because I can’t be bothered going on and on about those ducks).

Favourite toys: Remotes (he has his own remote but he just assumes ANY remote is his. TV, aircon, etc.), the play table (thanks Priscilla!), stacker cups in the bath (he just pours water out of the bath), any musical toys that make music, my laptop and phone.


Funny/cute things he has done (and sometimes still does):

– He likes to explore in the oddest of places. One day he went into our bedroom and disappeared – and then I found him under the bed! Other places he has decided to play in include inside a glass display case and on top of a box of oranges (like literally lying on the oranges). 

– He always makes me feel bad for using the computer because he comes up behind the computer and peekaboo’s me from the side and front of the computer. So I just put it away and play with him. Sneaky!

– He knows how to run – in the air! When we lift him up and he’s excited, he’ll run in the air (while flailing his arms and squawking). 

– He makes the funniest sounds ever. Yes, the normal bababa and gagaga but he also hisses at us sometimes, or makes rasping sounds. He blows raspberries, snorts, grunts, squawks, screeches and simply guffaws with laughter at the randomest things.

– In general, he’s just really random. He just comes up to me and suddenly slaps me on the face. He can be eating a piece of banana and then suddenly he’ll make some really quick hand movements to squish the banana and it flies everywhere. He’s happy, then upset, then curious, then loving. So random, but I love him all the time.

Message from Jacob: 6+60.31020gg+00hbgv1f2f0 020.0zu-h”**-+


This is a record – posting this on the same day that I started writing! It’s about 9.00pm here now, and it’s also Game of Thrones time. I love Mondays! ❤

Bargains galore!

If you haven’t already realised, I’m a bit of a bargain hunter (and take pride in it). I love second hand stuff though I am quite particular about the things that I buy, hence I make sure they’re still in good shape. I thought I’d share some of my picks of the month.

I was shopping around for some size 1 clothes and found this fuzzzzzyyyy jumpsuit. Yes, size 1 – can you believe it? Jacob’s still relatively light (8.6kg) but he has grown a bit taller so he’s sorta in limbo between size 0 and 1. Anyway, this jumpsuit was of The Hungry Caterpillar variety too, which can be quite pricy new. Guess how much I paid? $3!

ImageI got the jumpsuit from Savers, a new secondhand store close by that’s really huge and has heaps of stuff to choose from – yippie! There were lots of great toys too – here’s what I got for Jacob for $3 as well:

ImageA cash register!! And it works well and does the whole ka-ching sound too. Jacob doesn’t quite understand it yet but he loves pressing the buttons anyway.

Another favourite source of mine for bargains is Gumtree – lots of great stuff available, but you have to have a keen eye and be quick about it! I told myself that I wouldn’t buy Jacob a walker but went against my word and bought him this one:

ImageIt’s quite a stable one though, so I’m not too worried about him falling (and he’s gotten a lot more stable lately too). I like this one because you can move the top bit around so it becomes a wagon to pull around too. Guess how much? $10 only! And since the same person was selling this item, I got a bit tempted and bought this for him too:

ImageI think it suits him nicely (and he loved honking the horn)! 😉 And it was only $10 too, whoopee.

I reckon I’m pretty happy with my purchases and look forward to many hours of playtime. Jacob’s growing up so quickly and is able to do so many more things now – makes his mum so proud! Here he is playing the ukulele!


This week I had some lovely moments with him – took him swimming at an aquatic centre (I think this really is the tail end of our sunny weather) and we had fun splashing around. Took him to a park, assisted him down the slide a few times and just played on the grass. 


I love my baby so much – I know he’s growing up, but he’ll always be my baby. I love his tiny hands and his gorgeous grin; his flailing arms when he’s excited and his little personality quirks. What a wonderful thing it is to be a mum! 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day!

My first Mother’s Day’s been going pretty well so far! 🙂 My awesome little man wished me Happy Mother’s Day with this cute card.

ImageSo, we had a lovely hot breakfast and I have been told that I can choose to go to dinner anywhere – but where should I go? I’m not really thinking of someplace fancy; I’m over steaks from Daniel’s birthday and over schnitzels since I’ve just learned how to cook the perfect schnitzel at home! I kinda feel like eating Asian… (what an Asian thing to say, sigh!). I do feel like Korean BBQ but we’ll probably smoke Jacob out, so that’s a no… what should I do???

I wrote an article/opinion piece a while back about Mother’s Day and it’s been published today! Read it here and do let me know what you think!

On a separate note, Messy Church was fantastic and I think everyone had lots of fun! More on it later as I’m waiting for the photos, but I can tell you that we’ll probably be having it again in the future.

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day everybody and hope you have a wonderful day!


Babies and parties!

What a weekend it’s been! I know I’m tired from all my gallivanting. Lots of things on this weekend (as usual) and I’m uber busy during the week too, so this will be mainly be a picture post (but I promise you, you’re in for lots of cute ones!)

So, at church, we finally had the four babies there together for photos. Aren’t they gorgeous??? From left is Maya, who is just about 3 weeks old (and is enjoying her sleep), Ruby is about 6 weeks,  Lucas is about 10 weeks and Jacob is a whopping 8 months! It was so hard to get Jacob to sit still for photos!! I reckon this is the best shot:

ImageThis is another shot that didn’t turn out so well:

WP_20140503_048Jacob’s just being a bit of a bully in this one:

WP_20140503_040We had another family birthday too, and it was also another excuse for more photos of babies! These cousins are going to be such good friends!

jacob yesAnd here’s Jacob not cooperating again:

jacob no

We also had a pirate party to attend – I can’t wait for the photos! I just took a quick one of my little pirate boarding the pirate ship:

20140504_140426_AndroidIf there’s anything I think is completely adorable, it’s the relationship of a boy and his dog. I can’t wait for Jacob to be old enough to run around and play with Skittles – it’s adorable how he observes her from afar though.


Finally, I came across a good article that I think parents of today should read. I know there are a lot of perspectives on parenting nowadays and there is no one right way or wrong way, but at the same time there are also a lot of things that aren’t so acceptable anymore. I know that as much as I want to protect Jacob from the world, bubble-wrapping him and putting him in a box will only make him weaker in the long run. Anyway, I enjoyed this article – read it here!

Just before I go, I want to explain why I’m so busy (among other commitments) – we have a program running at church this week called Messy Church, which I’m co-organising:

Messy ChurchAnyway, I am SO excited – can’t wait!! 🙂 It’ll be quite a bit of work but I’m hoping it’ll be an awesome, awesome day.

Over and out!


Motivators for cleaning my house!

So, it’s full steam ahead again for hubby who is back to school (and for me too because I have Jacob all day again). I have been trying to write a post since Monday but this week has been crazyyyyy! But I guess I’ll talk about some things that are a bit closer to home – i.e. housework.

In the last few weeks, I’ve realised that I have a few motivators for cleaning my house – hence I wanted to share them. Unfortunately, money has not been one of them (though I would LOVE to be paid to clean this place, whoopee!).

1. Having people come over to my house
This is probably one of the BEST motivators for me to clean my house because I do take pride in keeping my house presentable. Okay, maybe Daniel has higher standards than me but at least it’s a great reason for us to drop everything else and just make sure we put everything away and keep the floor clean.

Having a clean floor was especially important as my cousin and his family came over with their little boy to spend some time with Jacob, hence a lot of playing on the floor. It’s was so awesome to see them playing together, especially on the piano:

ImageIt’s even cuter because the two of them look relatively alike – when I posted a few photos of them on Facebook, the automatic tagging option from Facebook thought they were the same person!

2. When an urgent issue happens (e.g. spillage)
So, on Monday morning, I was getting Jacob’s breakfast ready and silly me leaves the pantry door open for a few minutes to grab a few different things. And Jacob comes from out of nowhere and then this happens:

ImageI’m relieved he didn’t hurt himself on it, but boy it was a chore cleaning it up (especially scrubbing it out of the grout while the boy was pouting and whining in his high chair). And to get the soy sauce stain off the floor, I had to mop over it a few times and just decided to mop the house at the same time.

So far, Jacob has destroyed a few things – he’s broken a bowl (pulled the placemat which then pulled the bowl off the table), he’s pulled his mobile right off the cot (I saved it before he broke the plastic handle) and he tore off a frog from his sock (you know, those little soft toys they put on babies’ socks to entertain them?). Oh Jacob…

This also tells me that I really have to childproof my house more now. It’s easy enough to close doors to certain rooms so he can’t open drawers, but it’s mainly the loungeroom that I’m worried about. I sometimes can put him into a playpen, though he usually doesn’t like to be in it unless I’m in it with him. But once I let him free-roam the lounge, he makes a beeline for the TV cabinet. Remember how I said he was a tech whiz before? Well, a few days ago, he ejected the DVD from the DVD player and started biting it. Le sigh.

3. Guilt
I’ll have to tell you a bit of a background story first. So, I was rushing around trying to get many things done as usual and was heading out to lunch with my friends. I was carrying Jacob and 500 different things that I had to bring out with me, one of which was not my house keys. So, I was locked out!

Naturally, I didn’t want to call for help (because I ALWAYS think I can do things on my own) so I scouted out all the possible ways to get into my house, to no avail. So I went to my next door neighbour’s place and asked if I could climb over their fence into my house, which I did (while they carried Jacob). I proceeded to try and get in through a window or something, and I have to say one thing – my house is pretty darn secure!!!

So, I had to call Daniel who came home during his lunchbreak to let me in! 😦 Funnily enough, I had all of Jacob’s food with me so we had a picnic in the back yard/laundry area.

ImageBut anyway, that’s where the guilt factor came in because I pretty much stole Dan’s whole lunchbreak! To compensate, I ironed all of his shirts on Tuesday when Jacob was having a nap.

4. Free time (which is a luxury these days)

There’s not many days that I have a whole day at home (and I’m hoping to try and make tomorrow a stay-at-home day), but when I get a good day and Jacob sleeps well, I can get stuff done. The issue with Jacob is that he has a short sleep cycle, meaning he only sleeps for 40 minutes at a time. He has a 40 minute sleep mid-morning and another 40 minute sleep in the afternoon – and that really doesn’t give me much time to get things done, especially if I plan to use that time to eat or shower.

Anyway, the fact that it’s taken me this long to write this post is testament that I HAVE in fact been keeping busy, and housework is one of the things that I’ve been doing (for once!). So I’ll end the post with a fun picture of Jacob and his cousins – it’s really hard to get a good shot of them together (without having at least one child moving, making the picture blurry) but this was probably my best one:

ImageHave a great rest-of-the-week everyone! ❤